Sunday, February 3, 2019

Kirin Kunpu 2015

A blend bottled in 2015 from the Fuji Gotemba Kirin distillery. 40% vol.

  • Nose: Glue, fruity acidity, strawberries, some alcoholic bite
  • Mouth: Light flavor, fairly young impression
  • Finish: Oak and cedar wood, oily and warm
Comments: On the nose it's unimpressive but the finish is pleasant.
80 points

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Suntory Burai-Ha - Wild, but...

It's really named like that. A blended whisky released by Suntory in 1998. 40% vol. The bottle has a fancy metallic cover.

  • Nose: Initial alcohol bite, green grass, raw green beans
  • Mouth: Light...
  • Finish: A bit of glue, cardboard, a tad of oak
Comments: Too young and unbalanced

74 points

Nikka Blend

A fairly readily available whiksy in Europe. Bottled at 40% and priced in the entry level range.

  • Nose: Banana, fruit, freshly cut dried wood, honey
  • Mouth: Warm, sweet, malt and oak
  • Finish: Short, a few lingering tannins
Comment: A very nice drinking whisky that would probably benefit from a few more vol. But generally well rounded.

80 points.

Kirin Oak Master

Here my review for the Kirin Oak Master. From my understanding this is a bottom shelf whisky. The bottle comes in various sizes with 40% vol.

  • Nose: Glue, cherries, tree sap, sharp oak on the nose, but not too dominant.
  • Mouth: Fresh, light, malty, a fair bit of young alcohol.
  • Finish: Oaky but light, slightly lingering alcohol

Comment: Lacks a bit of body, but pleasantly light with oak. finish is okay ish

76 points

Friday, September 22, 2017

J.B.A. Whisky Byron

A blend distilled in 1957 and bottled in 1967 - so it should be 10 years old.
JBA stand for Japanese Bartenders Association.
42% vol.

  • Nose: Oak, moss, wet old tree bark, menthol, slightly smoky, green banana
  • Mouth: Oily, sweet oak, 
  • Finish: Oak, lingering, sticks to the tongue, mossy again, at the very end again green banana
Comment: Interesting for sure, maybe not the most balanced but for the price its a good deal. I like it

Points: 84

Sasanakowa Cherry Whisky

Again a simple mixer blend. 37% vol.

  • Nose: bubblegum, glue,  sweet cherry yogurt (Danone or something along those lines)
  • Mouth: mild, sugary, oily
  • Finish: again bubblegum, oak, malt, mainly smooth with a tad sharp alcohol at the very end plus some minor cardboard
Comment: The cherry yogurt bubblegum is very unusual, otherwise not too much depth. But good to drink and interesting to boot

Points: 78

Sun Peace Extra Gold

Looks like a simple mixer blend to me. 37% vol.

  • Nose: Grain, very light, very light stale beer, a young profile, gets a bit sharper over time
  • Mouth: not much
  • Finish: a bit corn, sugar water, young grain whisky
Comment: Seems very young and doesn't have much to offer.

Points: 72