Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hakushu 1989 Sherry Cask TWE - 9O 50021

Aged from 1989 till 2009 (20yo) it was bottled for The Whisky Exchange's 10th Anniversary.
A very dark first fill sherry cask (spanish oak butt) and an impressive 62% vol.
As you can see from the picture this Hakushu (白州) is massively dark and thick.

  • Nose: Old Wood, warmed up oak, cedar wood, raisins, Oloroso sherry, plum spread, muscat grapes
  • Mouth: Very oily, dry, oak, raisins, sherry, a bit smokey
  • Finish: Nice and present oak, dry, long with all sherry aspects at the end again
Comments: What can I say - an epic dram <3 Sherry bomb². Very complex and excellent wood influences. Usually sherry casks are Yamazakis forte with Hakushu being more bourbon cask oriented. This makes for a welcome and delicious change.

92 points

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