Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yamazaki, The Cask Of, 1993, Heavily Peated - 3Q70048

A bit of a rarity, a peated Yamazaki! Distilled in 1993, bottled in 2008 (according to math that's 16 years) at 62% vol and limited to 503 bottles.
Aged in a White Oak Puncheon cask.

  • Nose: Peat and smoke, Gouda cheese, Herbs, sweet tropical fruits, ashy fire place
  • Mouth: Medical, peat, smoke, subtle herbs and flower nectar
  • Finish: Long'ish, peat, smoke, dry and sweet
Comments: The peaty Yamazaki works excellent! And the peat isn't overpowering to the more subtle Yamazaki flavors out of the white oak cask. Very well worth trying if you run across a peated Yamazaki.

88 points

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