Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hanyu - 2000 - The Final Vintage - Cask 6093

Today's tasting notes are for Ichiro's Malt - The Final Vintage of Hanyu. Distilled in 2000 (the year the distillery closed - hence the final vintage) and bottled in 2010. So it should be roughly ten years old.

Cask number 6093, 349 bottles and 59% vol. alcohol. There are one or two more "Final Vintage" bottles out there as well.

  • Nose: Lots of oak, juicy oak, some smoke, a hint of menthol, earthy/raw mushrooms
  • Mouth: fairly rich, oak, spices, dry, a bit mint, hazelnut, 
  • Finish: Spices, very nutty with fresh hazelnut, dry oak, warming, at the very end a bit more sweetness comes trough as well as some smoke and  tobacco, water makes the mouth and finish generally sweeter
Comment: Quite powerful and impressive for a ten year old whisky. A load of oak, but not too much.

86 points

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