Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kawasaki 1982 - Whisky Live Tokyo 2011 - Cask 7414

A barely known defunct distillery. And it's a single grain to boot. And a sherry cask!So here we go. This Kawasaki was bottle for The Whisky Live Tokyo 2011 Expo.1982-2011 Sherry Butt Cask Nr. 7414 with a MASSIVE 65.5% vol. alcohol.

  • Nose: Big sherry (PX'ish), acrylic paint solvent, oak, soy sauce, oranges
  • Mouth: Sherry, sandalwood, oak, grain whisky, very mellow with water
  • Finish: Oak, sandalwood, sherry, glue, red fruits/strawberries

Comment: Lots of very nice (typical Japanese style) oak and some glue/solvent notes that might not be to everyones liking. Water doesn't change it significantly, just makes it mellower. Not the most complex whisky but very round and super drinkable. Yum!

85 points

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