Sunday, February 16, 2014

Miyagikyo 2002 - Cask# 101127

A Nikka Miyagikyo, been a while since I tasted one. This one was distilled in 2002 and bottled in 2012 just slightly missing the 10 year mark. Aged in a refill Butt and bottled with 62% vol. cask strength.

  • Nose: Honey, Grass, fruits (sort of tropical), quite sharp - water lessens the sharpness and brings forth Haribo Gummi Bears (the green ones), kiwi + apple juice
  • Mouth: Fruity, slightly oily and depending on the water amount a tad sharp
  • Finish: Fruity with apple and kiwi again, sweet and again a bit sharp

Comment: This need and takes quite a bit of water although it is a two edged sword. A little bit brings a lot of fruitiness while some alcoholic sharpness remains. Adding more makes it milder without diluting the overall punch too much but mutes all the lovely fruit. Still I love the fruit here with just a little bit of water.

85 points

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