Saturday, August 2, 2014

Suntory Old

Suntory Old Whisky. This blend was the first big success for Suntory, released in the 1950s. Prior Suntory whiskies where the white label single malt (1929) and the Kakubin (1937) blend. Bottled with 43° vol.

  • Nose: Alcoholic bite, green bananas, grain, sweet and floral, sugar water
  • Mouth: Sweet caramel, Kellogg's Smacks cereals, mild
  • Finish: Short, sweet, some light tannins, alcohol

Comment: This has the typical young cheap'ish blend characteristics, but underneath the sweet caramel lingers some fairly decent but flawed/too young whisky. Not that bad for what it is thou.

74 points

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