Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wakatsuru Sunshine 1990 Cask#311.312.313.314.315

Even though advertised as 20 year old this Wakatsuru is actually 23 years old as this was distilled 1990 and bottled in 2013. Bottled at 59% vol. in a 72cl ceramic bottle. Sounds fancy enough, so lets see how its actually tastes. Aged in an refill american white oak cask. For more info also see the Auc Claude rakuten page.

  • Nose: Without water very closed and with some light alcoholic bite. With water menthol, mint, green tea, Maggi and shoyu. Ashy with some light peat.
  • Mouth: Creamy and oily, if you add the the wrong amount of water plywood and a little bit biting with alcohol
  • Finish: Warm and dry, creamy vanilla sugar syrup, a tiny bit plywood, glue, alcohol and some smoke.
Comments: Careful with water here, no water results in alcoholic biting all around with some unpleasant plywood, too much does the same. There is literal sweetspot between those two where the plywood subdues and thick sweetness surfaces. This is a difficult one, not super sure how I should rate this one... but eh...

74 points

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