Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hakushu 18

This time I taste the Suntory Hakushu 18yo.
Hakushu (白州) is the second Suntory (サントリー) owned malt whisky distillery and a bit less known in the west compared to Yamazaki (山崎). The distillery itself is fairly new and opened in the 70s.
Hakushu 18yo 43.5% (Japanese bottlings are labeled 43% but I believe the regulations are just a bit more lax in Japan)

  • Nose: Ripe sweet apples, a bit dry oak, fruity, mint, a little bit peat and smoke
  • Mouth: Sweet and fruity, malt, moss
  • Finish: Sweet apple with a tad caramel, a bit peat, a bit oak
Comments: The 18yo gains substance trough more oak influence but still remains fresh and immensely drinkable and imo ideal on a hot summer day.

87 points

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