Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Karuizawa TWE 10th Anniversary 27yo (1982-2009) 56.1% vol. Sherry Cask No. 2748

Karuizawa is a closed distillery in Japan. Bottlings are super hyped in Europe currently meaning that new ones can literally be sold out in hours.

  • Nose: Sherry, Cranberries, Raisins, Cedar Wood, Green fresh Vegetables, Earthy, Burnt Caramel with red berries
  • Mouth: Caramel with oak, Sherry, Peppery, Smoky, roasted coffee beans
  • Finish: Sherry, Wood, Caramel, Smoke, A bit tanins/bitter towards the end - not negative, celery sticks, drying

Comments: Wowie, this one isn't for the kids. Very complex, lots of things to discover - but nothing for 'beginners' so to say. A bottle goes for something north of 200€ nowadays
90 points

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