Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wakatsuru Sunshine Extra Special Blend

This is a cheap blend from the Wakatsuru (若鶴) distillery in Japan. Wakatsuru is primarily a Sake maker but they do make at least 2 whiskies that I know of (this and a 20yo single malt). Notable are the 37% vol. alcohol. In Scotland that wouldn't be allowed be sold as scotch. Also unique is the 1.8L Sake bottle it is sold in.

  • Nose: Very light, very clean, a bit grain, a little bit flowery and grassy. I'd say it's a "typical" young blend nose
  • Mouth: Grain, light, mild, flowery
  • Finish: Malty, short, flowery, a bit alcoholic

Comments: While not very memorable or particularily good, it's a decent very cheap and young blend. There aren't many strong flavors, but there aren't any big missnotes either. For 2310Yen/~20€ this is decent & huge! (2.6x the size of a normal 0.7) bottle.


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