Monday, May 7, 2012

Yamazaki 12

The Suntory Yamazki (山崎) 12 is probably one of the most available Japanese whisky in the world and the first point of contact to Japanese whisky to most who tried it.

It's bottled at 43%.

 My tasting notes:

  • Nose: Flower nectar, honey-water, meadow in the morning, a bit dried fruits, a little bit of mellow oak, slightly nutty , a very Higland'ish profile I'd say
  • Mouth:  Mild, delicate flowery, a bit grassy, dried apricots,
  • Finish:  A bit malty with a touch honey, initial sweet'ish then drying, some wood influences - very nice, medium long

Comments: Very smooth and extremely drinkable. In a blind tasting you would probably identify this as a Higland whisky. The mild oak influences gives depth.
While a good whisky it can hold no candle to the Yamazaki 18 which is the real star of the Yamazaki core range and plays in a different league compared to the 10 and 12yo.

82 points.

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