Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yamazaki, The owner's cask LMdW, 1986 Mizunara Butt, 6G5029

A personal favorite here
This unique Yamazaki (山崎) was distilled in 1986 and bottled in 2006 (20 years old) as part of Suntroy's Owners Cask series for La Maison Du Whisky in France. As the previously reviewed SMWS 119.12 Yamazaki this has been aged in Japanese Mizunara (ミズナラ) oak which still is a bit of a rarity. You can read a bit more about Mizunara on Nonjatta.
Bottled at 60.0% vol. cask strength with 405 bottles. A bottle did initially cost around 150€ I believe. Worth noting is the beautiful golden-orange color.

  • Nose: A lot of oriental spices, juicy sweet oak, sandalwood, a tiny bit oak in the background, thick and rich, with water a bit more oak and a tad pepper
  • Mouth: Spiced syrup, light whiffs of Japanese curry rice, oak, some sweetness but generally more dry
  • Finish: Very long, warm, spices, sweet oak, a bit flower nectar, soy sauce in the background but without saltiness 
Comments: Amazing! Very unique and loaded with flavors on different layers. A lot to discover everywhere and just a pleasure to drink. It's usually really hard to come by a whisky aged in mizunara oak, so if you get the chance to sample or buy it make sure to take that chance to experience something quite unique!

93 points
Quercus mongolica var. crispus aka Mizunara oak

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