Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yoichi 20

The Nikka Yoichi 20 is the oldest of the Yoichi standard bottlings and boasts a bit of a premium price tag. The 15 year old already was quite to my liking so let's see what those extra 5 years do to the spirit.

Bottled at a whopping 52% vol.

  • Nose: A bit sherry, a bit smoke and a tad peat, cedar wood, sandalwood, juicy tobacco , malaga raisins, a bit red berries, a little bit savory seaweed salad with soy-sauce, the nose is really complex with many layers of depth
  • Mouth: Oak, various woods in syruppy form, smoke, nutty (pecan), sherry, leather and tobacco
  • Finish: Warm, rich & long, smoke, cedarwood, again a bit sherry
Comments: Spectacular nose with great wood aromas and the finish is excellent as well. Top league without any miss-notes. So much depth and complexity but also quite pricey  - worth it thou!

92 points

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