Monday, July 9, 2012

Nikka Tsuru


The Nikka Tsuru (鶴) is a 17 years old blend. It comes bottled as two varieties in a glass bottle and a ceramic decanter. I am tasting the ceramic decanter here but it shouldn't make any difference. "Tsuru" means crane in Japanese. Bottled at 43% vol. My tasting notes:
  • Nose: Cedarwood, oak, tad peat and a tad smoke, a bit licorice and Swiss herb candy
  • Mouth: A tad smoke and peat again, sweet and peppery
  • Finish: Malt candy, a tad peat and smoke once again, hazelnut, herbal bitters
Comment: Rather nice all around, but not a killer. A tiny tad bitterness comes out in the finish which maybe is a negative and maybe it's a bit too expensive as well but I enjoyed it.

85 points

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