Monday, July 16, 2012

Isawa Vintage 1983

Allright this Isawa (石和) is from the Monde Shuzou  distillery and is available in Europe. It is bottled at 43% vol. in a unusual 660ml sized bottle. It comes with a 1983 vintage tag and is supposedly around 25 years old.
Now for the tasting notes:

  • Nose: Duct-tape, cardboard, pears, oak, hints of vanilla, after some time juicy tobacco with some leather
  • Mouth: Dry, old tobacco, leather
  • Finish: Bitter and tanins, glue, solvent, sweet, agains some hints of vanilla, fairly short
Comment: Wow, this one is unique and special. The nose becomes sort of decent if you give it some time, but the duct-tape with cardboard is just like a fresh parcel from the mail. Mouth and finish are absolutely not enjoyable to me. The 10 year old Isawa was much better.

60 points 

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