Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hanyu 1991 - 19yo - Daily Dram - Cask 377

This Hanyu comes from the independent bottler Nectar of the Daily Drams and is aged from 1991 to 2010 in a cask with Japanese red oak heads. Red oak (Quercus acuta) is a type of oak native to Japan/Asia. To quote WikipediaDue to its foliage and habitat, it looks very unlike an oak. It is usually bushy and densely domed, reaching a height of 14 m. The bark is smooth and dark grey. Leaves are dark and glossy above and yellowish beneath. They narrow to a long, finely-rounded tip. The flowers are on a stiff 5 cm catkin.
Bottled at 56% vol. cask strength.

  • Nose: Grapes, juicy raisins, oak, cedar wood, juicy woods, earthy (dry and sandy), with water even more woody aromas like sandelwood
  • Mouth: Mild and round, malty and earthy
  • Finish: Earthy again, oak, with water the finish is dryer and more oak and wood comes trough, green plants, long and fairly warm
Comment: Very oaky, but it works very well! No tanins or other negatives but lovely well integrated oak aromas (which are fairly typical for Hanyu in my opinion). A tad expensive maybe.

89 points
Red oak (source: Wikipedia)

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