Monday, July 23, 2012

Hakushu 12

I already tasted the Hakushu 18, so this time I go for the 12 year old. Hakushu (白州) is the second Suntory (サントリー) owned malt whisky distillery. The distillery itself is fairly new and opened in the 70s. 
Just like the 18 year old the Hakushu 12yo  is bottled at 43.5% (Japanese bottlings are labeled 43% but I speculate the regulations are just a bit more lax in Japan)
For some more info on the Hakushu 12 check out this great article on the whisky advocate blog.

  • Nose: Apple, a bit grassy, green grapes, a tad peat and whiffs of oak, very fresh
  • Mouth: Grassy with minimal sherry notes, a bit malty, floral sweetness
  • Finish: A bit Peat, slight smoke, fresh apple, a bit oak, towards the end some sherry and at the very end bitter herbs
Comment: Very fresh and summery with a delicate sherry note in the background. Very drinkable and you could nibble away the whole bottle in a long session.

85 points

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