Friday, August 3, 2012

Yamazaki Puncheon - NAS (2010)

This Yamazaki is a limited release from 2010 bottled at 48% without chill filtration. It was matured in large 480 liter puncheon casks which should theoretically allow for slower maturation. The bottle comes with no age statement however. There is also a 2011 release with the year mentioned on the box and front label, but that release is Japan exclusive so far.
My tasting notes for this one:

  • Nose: Honey, beeswax, hay, sweet buttery flowers (kingcup), very thick although with a light profile, some slight pepper, a little bit wood influence reminiscent of dry tree bark, with a bit water the nose gets some juicy fruitiness
  • Mouth: Sweet, beautiful honey notes, cereals, very smooth and quite oily
  • Finish: Medium long with some vanilla, a bit oak, a tiny bit peat?, Kellogs Smacks, malt, at the very end fruits again with apple, pears and apricots
Comment: Very well balanced and rounded. The nose is a bit hard to make sense of on first nosing but enjoyable nonetheless. 

86 points

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