Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nikka - The Blend of Nikka

The Blend of Nikka Maltbase Whisky is named fairly similar to the Nikka blend I recently tasted (link) but is bottled at 45% vol.
Again this is a 5cl mini bottle imported and available trough LMDW.

  • Nose: Dry wood, a tad plywood at the begining but vanishes after a while, a hint of sherry, some light honey and vanilla, a touch alcoholic
  • Mouth: Sweet - almost sugary, surprising after the dry nose, a bit malty, a little bit oak
  • Finish: A bit peaty, sweet honey and some malt
Comment: This Nikka blend is much better than the one I previously tasted. The hints of peat and sherry actually make it a relatively interesting drinking whisky and the 45% vol. help too. Still it has a little bit youngness to it.

80 points

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