Sunday, December 30, 2012

Ootori 15

The Ootori 15 is made by the Merican company who also owned Karuizawa and Kawasaki. As the name suggests this blend is 15 years old; Bottled at 40% it comes in a (at least for Europe) unusual size of 66cl.

  • Nose: Some tobacco and red berries, malt, vanilla, hint of some nuts and ever so slightly reminiscent of some Karzuizawa whisky
  • Mouth: Smooth and creamy, vanilla, grain whisky
  • Finish: Smooth juicy oak, vanilla, a touch smoke, short
Comment: It's fairly smooth but feels a bit unbalanced. Here and there some Karuizawa edgyness shimmers through but it drains quick in the smooth sea of grain. I enjoy it but the the bottle is a bit expensive for what it offers.

81 points

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