Thursday, January 10, 2013

Togouchi 18

The Togouchi 18 is a blend made by Chugoku-Jozo which from my understanding is more in the shochu producing business. Bottled at an unusual 72cl size and at 43% vol. I got a sample of this whisky as a part of a secret santa gift exchange :)
The spirit is imported from the USA (malt) and Canada (grain), but aged and blended in Japan. So strictly speaking this Blend isn't fully Japanese. A bit more about the Togouchi can be read on

  • Nose: Fruity and fresh, some mild oak - very clean, lacquer paint (but not in a negative sense), caramelized sugar, grains, pepper
  • Mouth: malt, almonds, some greens
  • Finish: Vanilla, woods, sandalwood, sweet tobacco, overall very "Japanese", medium long, drying and ending in a peppery note
Comment: A very smooth and clean blend without miss-notes. The distinctively Japanese finish (some aspects of it are reminiscent of some older Yoichi) is the strong point here.

82 points

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