Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel - NAS (2012)

Like the sort of sister bottling, the Yamazki Puncheon this ones comes at 48% vol with no chill filtration and no age statement. I already tasted  the 2010 version back then and like it a lot.

  • Nose: Honey, vanilla, fruity, thick sirup, dry straw
  • Mouth: Fruity & round
  • Finish: Warm, sweet, full, mild spices, honey, vanilla
Comment: Very fruity again and nice smooth honey and not as vanilla as many bourbon casks are. So this is highly recommended. As I said in the Puncheon 2012 post, time skews my rating scale which is always a problem with rating some as personal as taste with absolute values.

87 points

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