Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yamazaki Puncheon - NAS (2012)

I already tasted the 2010 version of this Yamazaki Puncheon. Bottled at 48% with no age statement and no chill filtration. I'm tasting it together with the 2012 Bourbon Barrel, so lets see.

  • Nose: Wax and hay, grasses, sawn wood
  • Mouth: Very speyside, oak, fairly dry
  • Finish: Oak, drying, malt, a touch tanins
Comment: Not as round as the bourbon cask, but nice flavors all around. "Simple" whisky on a high level. Compared to the bourbon barrel this is more grassy, dry speyside and doesn't have the fruityness. I gave higher points to both, the puncheon and the bourbon barrel last time around. Not really sure if it is worse or better or the same in direct comparison, but time really skews ones rating scale I guess.

85 points

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