Thursday, February 19, 2015

White Oak 14yo Wine Cask Finish

A fourteen year old White Oak Akashi whisky, finished in wine a white wine cask. Bottled at cask strength of 56% vol in 400 500ml bottles.

  • Nose: Smokey, almost sherry cask matured like, a little bit peat mixed with a heavy red wine like a Rioja, leather, tobacco,  with time a bit wine acidity comes forth, water makes it dryer
  • Mouth: Oily, buttery, some some and some red fruits, chocolate
  • Finish: Smokey, tropical fruits, English wine gummy, oak, water brings out some dried oriental spices and chocolate which keeps lingering
Comment: This works really well and there are lots of tastes and flavors to discover. Water changes the character quite a bit as well. It isn't 100% harmonic with the wine finish I'd say but maybe 90%... 

88 points

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