Sunday, March 8, 2015

Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014

The Yamazaki Limited Edition 2014, so far released exclusively in Japan replaced the other Yamazaki NAS special releases for 2014. This one was aged in Sherry, Port and American oak cast with ages up to 20 years or so.
Bottled with 43% vol. and sold for a for Japanese whisky nowadays very reasonably price of around 65€.

  • Nose: Honey melon, red berries, Katjes Tropenfrüchte - gummies with tropical fruit flavor, green grass, Sherry (PX'ish)
  • Nose: Light oak, grassy, malt and berries
  • Finish: Malt, fruits, sugar syrup, sherry, a moderate amount of oak, not overly long
Comment: A lovely NAS Yamazaki, rather fruity and well integrated all around. Maybe here and there a hint of harshness of some younger whisky shimmers trough. The for Yamazaki very unusual Port cask is very well integrated. While it works very well at 43% I think a little bit more wouldn't have harmed.

87 points

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